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After my computer is installed with CAD2014, I often black the screen?

Asked by: Murphy 9 views Computer June 23, 2022

After I installed CAD2014, I often black the screen, and it automatically recovered after two seconds. What is going on?

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    The fault of the black screen of the display is relatively common. It is often manifested as a display without image display after turning on, but it has been heard when the host starts normally; or when it is in use, the display suddenly black the screen; But the black screen appears when it starts to a certain step. Because once the display is black, no prompt information cannot be seen, and the corresponding processing cannot be processed to solve the problem. Generally, it is more headache.
    Analysis and exclusion of the cause of failure:
    1. Display
    Black screens caused by the display of the display itself, such as the problem of the power cord of the display, poorly contact the power plug (note: both ends are possible), the power switch is bad, the internal circuit failure of the display, etc.
    2. Signal line
    The connection method of the 15 -pin D -shaped plug used by the display used by the PC, the 13th, 14th needle is the synchronous signal of the site. The display determines whether the two signals are determined whether to open the filament and high -voltage power supply path. At the same time, these two signals are transmitted as the transmission signal of the positive and negative polarity and frequency of the signal. If the signal of the site is missing, at this time, the power indicator of the display is green, but there is no image display; if there is no image, the power indicator of the display is orange without image display. For this situation, the main check of the D -shaped plug of the display signal line has a broken needle, crooked needle or short needle, and there is a broken line inside the signal line. The solution is to replace the high -quality signal line.
    In the power management of our computer’s CMOS settings, there is a “V/H Sync+Blank, Blank Screen, DPMS” in the “Video OFF METHOD”. To control the energy -saving mode of the display.
    3. graphics card
    The most direct connection with the monitor is the graphics card. If the graphics card has no signal or a signal cannot be delivered, of course, the display will not be on. In actual use, the graphics card is not compatible with the motherboard. The signal output sockets of the graphics card are not touched or loosened, and then the graphics card is damaged. The graphics card is not well exposed to the AGP slot of the motherboard. The exclusion of such faults needs to be carefully patient, carefully check the contact between the graphics card and the motherboard, and whether there is a phenomenon of unstable contact. For incompatible situations, you can only judge according to experience and information.
    4. Power supply
    Everyone always spends more silver on the CPU when the player is, but always buckle the door on the power supply. But the power source as the power source of all components of the computer. If there is a problem, can other components work normally? Everyone generally knows that if the power supply has a failure, the host will have a continuous short -promoting “嘀” alarm, and the display will not be bright. However, there was a time without a word, but finally checked, but it turned out to be a problem of power.
    5. Mainboard
    Mainly CMOS settings error. Set the first initialized graphics card to PCI or on -board AGP graphics card, but the monitor is not connected to the corresponding position. As a result, the computer starts normally, but the display is not bright.
    Furthermore, the problem of CPU, memory or graphics card, sound card, modem, and network card conflict will also cause the host to fail to start and cause the display of the display of the display of the display.
    Six. Software conflict
    Due to the general expansion of PC, PC has extremely vitality, so it has created millions of software companies to compile countless application software for everyone. When different companies are compiled, when they are installed together, they may cause crash black screen due to address call conflict. The most typical feature of this type of failure is that after installing a certain software, the system prompts that after the self -inspection screen and the blue sky and white clouds of Win98, only the cursor flashes on the display, and then any movement is gone. Essence The method of solving such problems is also very simple. Just remember what software was installed just now. Press the “CTRL” key when starting. After selecting the third item into the security mode, you can unload the software you just installed.
    Virus Destruction
    The virus is extremely destructive, especially with the advent of the Internet era, more and more viruses spread through the Internet. Viruses that can cause black screens such as monitors, such as: CIH, etc. This type of virus is extremely destructive. It directly rewrite the BIOS chip of the motherboard, causing the machine to not start at all and not self -examination. If there are no tools such as a programmer, your motherboard can only be scrapped. Sometimes it may be because the BIOS chip is broken by the virus, causing the maintenance personnel to misjudge and delay a lot of time.
    If the virus manufacturer understands the working principle of the graphics card and controls the output of the graphics card through the program, it will also cause the black screen of the display, but generally can only be black screen after entering the system.
    1. When there is no image display in the display of the display (but when the display on the market is not delivered by the host, there will be no signal on the screen, and the display will be “no signal cable connection”). First check whether the host power is well inserted, and whether the fan of the power supply rotates? Is the power indicator light and hard disk indicator light on the host panel light? Because when the host power does not work or the motherboard is not powered, the display will certainly not have image display when the signal is not received.
    2. Check whether the power supply of the display is well inserted? If the power switch of your monitor is touched lightly, when you power the display, you should hear a slight “Papa” sound. At this time, you can determine that the switching power circuit of the display is good. Is the power switch of the display of the display? Is the power indicator of the display bright? When you close the display screen with your hand and slowly move whether there is a “咝咝” sound, the hair on the hand has a feeling of being sucked, which is to check whether the high -voltage circuit of the display is working properly.
    3. If the monitor has been charged and when there is high voltage, continue to check whether the data cable connector of the display and the signal output interface of the graphics card is well exposed? Is there a loose? After pulling down the plug, check whether there are bending or broken needles or a large amount of dirt in the D interface. This is a problem that many users often encounter. When connecting the D -type socket, they are not uniform, or forgot the fixed screws of the interface, which causes the interface to loosen and cause poor contact. There is a broken needle or bending needle in the interface, causing poor contact.
    Note: The 15 stitches of the data cable of the monitor may have a shortage of needles, such as 4,9,11 stitches. At this time, it is normal. Do not artificially use other metal wires to supplement these shortcomings to avoid other faults.
    Let’s say a little more: 1,2, 3 stitches are red, green, blue, blue three -shot signal input, if the needle is not touched, the screen will lack the corresponding color.
    If there is a problem with the 12,15 stitches, the host cannot find the corresponding display, but this does not affect the use.
    If there is a problem with the 13,14th needle, the display will appear black screen, and the indicator of the display will change from green to orange after booting for a while. One of the above black screens appeared.
    4. Is it correct to open the chassis to check the display card? Is it good to contact the motherboard slot? Is the graphics card or slot because the use time is too long, so that there are poor contact? Whether the chip on the graphics card has a trace of burnt and cracking. When the black screen is caused by the graphics card, there is a short and four -long “嘀” prompt when the computer is inspected. When installing the graphics card, hold the upper part of the graphics card with your hand, and insert it into the card slot evenly, so that the fixed screw port of the graphics card is in line with the screw mouth of the mainstream. Do not force fixation when not posted, causing the graphics card to distort. If you confirm that the installation is correct, you can remove the graphics card with an alcohol cotton ball to wipe the golden finger or change the slot (only for the PCI graphics card) to install. If not, you can only try a good graphics card.
    If it does not work, when determining the intact graphics card, the compatibility of the graphics card and the motherboard must be considered. It is best to check the relevant information or ask netizens.
    5. Check whether other board cards (including sound cards, decompression cards, video capture cards) are in good contact with the motherboard slot? Pay attention to check whether the data cable of the hard disk and the power line of the hard disk is correct? Replace the slot of other panel cards and clean the foot. Many people often ignore this. It is generally believed that computer black screens are problems and graphics problems, which has nothing to do with other devices. In fact, the installation of equipment such as sound cards is incorrect, which makes it difficult for the system to make it difficult to complete, especially the data cable of the hard disk and the hard disk electrical line is wrong, which can easily cause no display failure.
    6. Is the contact between the memory and the motherboard good? Try the memory strip again or change the slot, or replace the new memory bar. If there is a problem with the memory, when the computer starts, there will be a continuous and rapid “嘀” sound. The prompt sound will vary depending on the motherboard.
    7. Check whether the CPU has a good contact with the CPU seat on the motherboard? Due to moving or other factors, the CPU is inaccuted with the slot1 socket or the Socke370 socket. It is best to press the CPU or remove the CPU again with your hand and reinstall it again.
    8. Check whether the CPU frequency, double frequency, memory frequency, etc. are correct or the settings in CMOS are correct. Contrast the motherboard instructions, check the relevant jumper one by one, and order “CPU outer frequency jumper-CPU multiplier jumper-memory frequency jumper”.
    9. Check whether the voltage of the CPU is set appropriately. Be careful when setting the CPU voltage jump, be sure to match the working voltage of the CPU. The two steps of Bayi Jiu should check carefully when there are some assembly machines or overclocking users.
    10. Check whether the CMOS parameter settings are correct. If your computer is equipped with two graphics cards, you set the first initialized PCI graphics card in CMOS, and your only monitor is connected to the AGP graphics card. Of course, the display will not be bright.
    11. Check whether the working environment required by the host and the display is in line with? Whether the working voltage is normal and whether the ambient temperature is too high. In addition to the inspection according to the above steps, you can also quickly locate according to the working status of the computer. If you can hear the “嘀” sound after turning on the host power supply, if the hard disk indicator will flash at this time. Check in step 4 to fourth steps.
    12. If the display has a content display during the computer startup, only when the black screen appears after loading the Win98 screen, this is just a problem with the Win98 system software.
    The above -mentioned inspection method is based on the monitor without electrical failure, that is, the power indicator of the display of the display after turning on the host power is yellow but the display black screen has no image display. If the above steps are still not displayed, professionals should be requested to repair.

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    The configuration is not good, to upgrade the graphics card

    Hall- June 23, 2022 |

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    this may not support

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