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What does it mean to install this virtual machine?

Asked by: Matthew Jones 19 views Software June 26, 2022

Start from the local hard disk

2 Answers

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    Look at my video, press CTRL+G first, and then move to the 02 position with the keyboard up and down keys to enter the PE system.

    Question: To be more detailed, then I accidentally give it

    Question: I passed the file of Win8 for a day. : After entering the PE system, double -click the system partitioning tool, click the fast partition, click OK, then turn it off, and then open the Windows to C drive with one click, click OK, and then start to decompress the system to the hard disk. After finishing the matter, it will pop up to restart. Tips, click OK, then click the Windows logo, click to restart, the computer restarts, and then you should Gahagha. After about half an hour, when you come back to see, the computer enters the desktop.
    This is the whole process. If you understand it, please adopt it.

    Watson- June 27, 2022 |

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    You didn’t pay attention when you installed, don’t press any keys, select 6, restart, and then press any keys

    Question: I tried it without useful

    Answer: Are you using hard installation or Ghost version? not

    Ruby King- June 28, 2022 |