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How does the red police make a computer construction base

Asked by: David Baker 71 views Computer June 28, 2022

How does the red police make a computer construction base

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    The Red Police is a competitive game. It can be said that it is a memories of the post -80s. Do you remember how the Red Police built the base? Today, I will take everyone to remember the classics!

    Tools/raw materials
    Demonstration system: Windows7 flagship version
    Demonstration game: Red Police 2
    1. Let’s open the game first, and there will be a base car and several soldiers and tanks.

    2. The mouse clicks the base car to expand the base car to build a power station.

    3. Place the power plant on the map after the power generation is built.

    4. These buildings built need to spend game money, so we start to build a mining car after building the power station.

    5. The mining vehicle starts to build a barracks after being built.

    6. The next step is to build a chariot factory.

    7. When waiting for the construction time, you can develop the infantry.

    8. The next step is the air finger department, which can build an airplane.

    9. Then build a combat laboratory. After the laboratory, there will be strong arms and tanks to build.

    10. Finally, you can build a nuclear power plant and maintenance factory.

    Jessica Campbell- June 28, 2022 |

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    Build it directly

    Nicholas Walker- June 28, 2022 |