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What do you think of the face value of the iPhone

Asked by: Adam Hall 21 views Phone & Tablet July 2, 2022

What do you think of the face value of the iPhone

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    The value of the iPhone is actually not very high, but it is more comfortable to use.

    Aaron Turner- July 2, 2022 |

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    often brushed the fruit powder of the circle of friends. Presumably, I have seen various forms of small programs that measure the value through photos.
    However, many of these small programs or web pages are suspected of stealing user information. Some of them are deleted or blocked because of violations of WeChat policies.
    I suggest you see this similar to the circle of friends next time. The content of the type should be more vigilant. However, now you can also use iPhone’s shortcuts to measure your appearance ~
    In the application of Apple’s official son, security is naturally guaranteed. Data, as long as you pass the photos, you can use it with confidence.
    If you want to get this shortcut, enter our fruit powder to push the public account dialog box daily, send the keyword “measure value”, and you can see the download and installation link.
    iPhone can also use shortcuts to test the face value! Intersection Intersection As long as we use the shortcut of “face recognition and measure”, we can one -click the face value of the face recognition and testing photos or selfie photos. It is really against the sky!
    支持机型:iPhone 5s或iPad mini 2以上
    如果是首次使用捷径的话,请Search for “shortcuts” installation in the AppStore (if you have installed it, ignore this step);
    If you have installed the shortcut, click the shortcut link given by our public account, and click the three small circles in the upper right corner. Click and select it in Safari.
    In the open page, click to get shortcuts to install it correctly.
    Let’s take a look at this shortcut with Xiaobian to test the face value!
    How to use:
    Enter the shortcut app, click “Face recognition face value” shortcut in the shortcut library.
    If you want to identify the picture or the photos that have been taken before, select “Select Picture Recognition” directly, or you can also select “Photo recognition”, that is, take a picture to identify.
    In order to test the effect, Xiaobian deliberately went online to search for a few handsome photos of handsome guys to perform face value tests.
    Xiaobian used the picture to identify. First, I chose the photos of Guan Xiaotong to see her face value score.
    Age, gender, and face shape. The three verification information of the face seems not very different. As for the face value, everyone can see it.
    In order to compare, I chose a photo of Zhao Jiamin, a member of the SH48. The face value branch was slightly higher than Guan Xiaotong. Do you think it is reliable?
    In addition to testing sister paper, two handsome photos were also selected. This is Li Yifeng’s test results.
    The following is Wu Zun’s test results.
    Finally, the editor took a selfie and tested one with a face value of only 39 points. Essence Essence Essence The gap is really too big, so I won’t take real people.
    If you are interested, you can try it. The comments will be commented at the later comments.
    Of course, this test result is sometimes not allowed to be entertaining. However, through this shortcut, it is quite interesting to test the face value of the photo quickly.
    In addition, this person’s face recognition of the face value test can also support a lot of people in a photo. Use this shortcut to compete with your friend to match the face ~
    Here, I recommend some black technology
    iPhone wired headphones can also become wireless in seconds! Just because of this small artifact!
    The iPhone brings this mobile phone case, the power is increased by double! Tomorrow (October 23) the first batch of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be sent to consumers. Before the official release, let’s talk about whether this new color is good or not, what is the difference between them. This also includes the color of the screen and camera.
    The iPhone 12 series is the first 5G iPhone product series. The hardware stack is in place, and the ecology is further opened, bringing an extraordinary experience. The excellent appearance design and Magsafe wireless charger are unexpected surprises. But the battery life is still the “Damocles Sword” hanging on the head of the iPhone 12 series. Apple sacrificed some performance and sacrificed the 120Hz high refresh rate screen that everyone was looking forward to. The strong shooting ability and the most important 5G network are helpless choices. In contrast, actively abandoning the original charging head, eating a bit ugly.
    It can be seen that the path of Apple’s “ecological interoperability”, “book and same text, and car” in the 5G era is still very difficult, which also gives several major Android manufacturers a chance to overtake. If you think that Apple’s first generation 5G iPhone performance needs to be improved, “Wang Shouyi is still a thirteen incense”, intend to be a wave of party, buy next year, or buy a wave of pchome in -depth evaluation, it is not enough.

    Aaron Matthews- July 2, 2022 |