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Why the WinXP computer is used for a long time after use.

Asked by: Benjamin Baker 24 views Computer July 2, 2022

Why the WinXP computer is used for a long time after use.

3 Answers

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    Black screens appear at the bottom of the computer task bar:

    1. Check whether the display cable is inserted to the host interface reliably, and then check whether the contact between the graphics card and the motherboard I/O slot is good, Finally check whether the CPU fan is running normally;

    2. If the display computer is started normally, then the original display may be damaged;

    3. You can remove all components except the CPU, graphics card, and memory bar.If there is a fault in memory, there should be alarm.If the alarm is not called, then the CPU is replaced and re -detected.If the computer is still black, it is recommended to replace the motherboard;

    4. System installation software and update patch cause the black screen to try to uninstall the update file;
    5. After the computer installation software is restarted, it is being updated and the black screen is waiting for the update;Installation system

    Carolyn Harris- July 2, 2022 |

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    Winxp has been eliminated, there are many loopholes, and the official will not be maintained. You can only reinstall WinXP.

    Ross- July 2, 2022 |

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    This may be caused by system compatibility

    Paul Evans- July 2, 2022 |