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Recommend the python IDE that XP can use

Asked by: Martha Price 16 views Software July 8, 2022

The school's computer room is too spicy, or the XP system. I have already installed Python3.4.4 on it now. Can I recommend the IDE that XP can use (there is a code automatic prompt function !!! I am Xiaobai)

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    You can try if you can whole Pycharm
    If you can’t get up, you can see if you can whole VS.
    If it is not good, you can see if you can contact the school and upgrade.

    Question: It is impossible to upgrade. Pycharm I estimate that the school’s configuration cannot be carried, and it is hard to open a browser

    Answer: Microsoft Visaul Studio

    : Then there should be Python options

    Answer: If you want to settle, you can try the 2010 version of Microsoft Visaul Studio (referred to as vs) version.
    The version may be old, but the version is afraid that you will not be in the past.

    Answer: Ide all test configurations

    Answer: I can’t get the tutorial, because I installed the VS2022 version
    You can check it online, sorry

    Answer: 2010, just find the older

    Question: Can you download a download link? 2010 I can’t find

    Answer: Waiting for me to give you tomorrow, it’s not convenient now, I’m sorry

    Answer: Damn, pycharm can’t hold it, you know, Visual, Visual It is a world -famous software, is that, can you smoke the installation of Visual? Essence

    Answer: Sorry, now I have flipped through the Internet now, only the genuine VS2012 version

    Answer: This is the 2010 version.

    Moore- July 8, 2022 |