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“10”: 99, how to arrange

Asked by: Tammy 47 views IT July 13, 2022

What software can be used in order to arrange this data, such as "10": 99, "11": 99, "12": 99,

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    As long as it is a programming software, you can do this. If you are not installed in any software, you can do it with batch processing.

    You can copy the data toWhere you need, you can also output the data to the files you want by redirecting the file you want

    Question: Big guy, is there a tutorial?You really don’t know how to operate

    Answer: The batch process is the system that comes with the system.
    That is to say: file type selection*.*, File names such as d: \ ***.
    Then enter the system command line: enter cmd.exe at the system menu
    Enter in the command line
    D: Enter
    ***. Bat
    You can get the result you want
    If you want to write to the file
    ***. Bat> ***. txt
    Then ***. Txt is what you want
    You can search for the Windows command line tutorial online

    Jacqueline- July 13, 2022 |