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Can the U disk file restore the garbled code?

Asked by: Jason Patel 14 views Software August 5, 2022

The U disk can be used normally at noon, and it is gone when it is opened at night.All Word document file names have become boxes, and the size becomes 0kb.It has tried "inspection and repair" in the "attribute", but it did not succeed, and disappeared a lot of (garbled) files.All files have been opened in WPS, but not in WPS.No automatic backup is set.Can you still recover this situation?

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    How to fix the U disk garbled U disk garbled data recovery standard
    Click the computer “to start -run”, enter CHKDSK H:/f (h is a disk formation), the command will automatically detect the U disk to disk diskMany problems, if it is a garbled problem, may be prompted to modify the file name of the folder. At this time, enter the Y selection. If many garbled folders appear in the U disk, then you need to choose many times.After opening the U disk, you will find that the file name of the folder inside is normal.

    Marie Miller- August 5, 2022 |