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1. How does a person’s operation on the computer be transformed into a machine language? The machine knows 0 and 1 two numbers.

Asked by: Scott Wright 12 views IT August 4, 2022

2. The difference between machine language program and C language program, Java language program

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    1.To put it simply, people’s operations on computers must transform computer language into machine code through programming software, and there are two types of conversion methods. One is to interpret it. The computer language is interpreted as a machine instruction one by one.The interpretation of human language), the other is compilation, compiles the entire program as a computer instruction, and then performs the computer (similar to file translation).

    2.The machine language is binary encoding. It is stored in memory and the computer can run directly. The C language is a compilation language. Its source code is text. It must be converted into a machine language by compiling software to run.And Java is more special, the real Java language (in JDK, because the Java language has a product called Java Script, it is a script language, an interpretation). It is a pseudo -compilation language.Code.Then explain the operation on the target machine through the Java virtual machine (JRE).

    Joseph Rose- August 4, 2022 |