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I have suffered twice today,

Asked by: Christopher Cook 12 views Software August 4, 2022

13 points and 16 points, respectively. I always think that it is the invasion of my computer in the technical department of the Public Security Bureau of Ningbo Jiangbei District. He prevented me from collecting evidence and giving up using the computer.The procedure does not respond, only the small circle is moving, then the gray screen, and the blue screen appears again

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    If you only occasionally a blue screen, restart the computer to solve it. But if you often have a blue screen, you have to pay attention, what causes the computer often blue screen? Let ’s introduce the reasons and solutions of the blue screen in detail below. Let’ s take a look.
    Method 1. When the computer appears blue screen, the easiest way is to use the “last correct configuration” to fix the computer initially.
    Method 2. When the computer first appears blue screen, when restarted the computer, press the keyboard shortcut “F8” into the system startup menu, and then select “the last correct configuration” to start the computer. Whether the problem can be effectively solved.
    Method 3. Another effective solution is to enable the computer blue screen repair program.
    Open the “Run” dialog box and enter the command “Regedit” into the registry program.
    Method 4. Expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” → “System” → “CurrentControlSet” → “Control” → “SessionManager”, find the BootExecute item on the right, double -click to set its value to “Autocheck Autochk *”. After this setting, if the computer has a blue screen, it will automatically run the self -inspection program after the computer is restarted to try to repair the errors in the system.
    That’s the introduction of the reason why the computer is often blue screen. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
    Extended information:
    The computer blue screen, also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), is a screen image of Microsoft’s Windows series operating system that cannot be displayed to protect the computer data file from being destroyed when it cannot be restored in a system error.
    The blue screen crash reminder of the Windows operating system has become an iconic picture. Most of them are the phenomenon of system collapse.
    There are two blue -bottomed white characters in Windows are called blue screen crashes: one is a small failure in the Windows 9X operating system, and the other is the kernel error in Windows NT. Since Windows 9X has withdrawn from the historical stage, it generally refers to the latter.

    Julie- August 5, 2022 |

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    If the invasion is suspected to cause the blue screen, please use it to use or equipped a computer with a network internet. Generally, web off -web computers cannot be invaded.

    There are many reasons for blue screens, software conflicts, neutral viruses, driving errors, and system files. This general reinstallation system can be solved.

    In terms of hardware, the memory bar is generally not compatible or damaged, the hard disk has bad sectors or damage, the motherboard is unstable, and it is difficult to investigate. It can only be replaced with one hardware.

    The blue screen problem is more troublesome than not turned on, and the reason can be solved to find the reason. It seems that you are causing the computer to be invaded. It is recommended to reinstall the system and use it. If the blue screen is still mostly a hardware problem.

    Doris Kelly- August 6, 2022 |

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    If people who have no public security network security have been looking for you before, they generally will not invade the people’s computers for no reason, you may be more concerned. At present, the temperature is very high. If there is no air conditioner, it may be that the computer’s heat dissipation is not good, and the temperature is too high to cause the computer to crash. You can adopt the following methods:

    1. Thoroughly cleaning up is your dust, replace new heat dissipation silicon grease for the CPU, and also change the cooling silicon grease to the graphics card;

    2. Keep C drive After the information, the operating system is reinstalled;

    After the above processing, the computer will generally return to normal. If you still have a regular blue screen, you must consider the problem you worry about.

    Question: During the dill as my safety consultant, the number of blue screens was more. Even during the inspection of the fireproof engineer, Jiangbei Public Security Technology Division destroyed all the menu of my desktop. I know it is the evil forces. It is not easy to write some information when I get older, which is equivalent to being destroyed. Fortunately, it was recovered later, but it was unknown whether the important information disappeared this time or usually invaded the computer. On April 20 this year, I invited others to install 360 to me. The Public Security Technology Section continued to invade the people of ordinary people, and even Xun Sutra knew.
    It was he changed to change my document to “hacker”. I dare not put important things now, and I am afraid that the technical department will delete or copy the information when I invade my computer.
    If the blue screen develops further, do I ask Rising to enter the protection ranks, I want to solicit 360 opinions!

    Alan Evans- August 7, 2022 |