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What factors have something to do with the ability of the router to penetrate the wall

Asked by: Ruth Young 12 views Hardware August 4, 2022

What factors have something to do with the ability of the router to penetrate the wall

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    What are the factors that determine the effect of the routing wall? After reading this article,

    With the increasing demand for network demand, almost every household will install routing devices. When buying a wireless router, many consumers often feel that as long as the antenna is long and long, the effect of the wall is definitely better. In fact, this method of judging the “wall of the wall” is largely prejudiced and misleading, and it is not the case for the effect factors that affect the router through the wall. Below, let’s talk about those things about the router through the wall.

    Wireless transmission power
    The so -called router antenna is the medium of transmitting wireless signals. The higher the wireless transmitting power of the wireless transmission, the better the wall through the wall. Indeed, the more antenna, the higher the power. However, with the introduction of relevant state regulations, the transmission power of the wireless router must not exceed 100MW, because the electromagnetic radiation released by the router that exceeds this value may cause damage to the human brain nerve, so the regular routers on the market are within this range Basically, the power performance is not much, and the two or three antennas of the 100MW power are sufficient, and the more more than the decoration.
    Signal amplifier
    In terms of electronic devices inside the router, there are also corresponding electronic devices. What is more significant is the signal amplifier. The signal amplifier mentioned here is completely different from the separate amplifier products on the market. It is an electronic device on the circuit board, including the PA amplifier, LNA low noise amplifier, FEM signal amplifier module, etc., divided into built -in integrated and external There are two independence, of which the external independence effect is better. Signal amplifier is usually used in the end of the router circuit. For example, PA, the function is to amplify the high frequency adjustment signal to meet the requirements of the sending power, and then radiate it to space through antenna to ensure that the receiver in a certain area is guaranteed to ensure that the receiver in a certain area You can receive a satisfactory signal.
    WiFi signal frequency
    At present, the WiFi signal frequency is divided into 2.4G and 5G. Most users use single -frequency routers that support 2.4GHz frequency band wireless networks. The main feature is that the wall is good, but 2.4 2.4 The GHz frequency band wifi signal is afraid of electromagnetic interference. Electric appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and microwave ovens around the wireless router will interfere with the WiFi signal and affect the Internet speed. At the same time, because there are multiple channels between multiple channels of 2.4G, the routers will also interfere with each other.
    and 5GHz because of different frequencies, they are no longer afraid of electrical interference, and the 22 channels are independent of each other, which can easily cope with multi -device connectivity. It has greatly improved the quality of the wireless network and the Internet is faster. At present, the dual -frequency wireless router with 2.4GHz and 5GHz has become the mainstream development trend of wireless products. Therefore, it is recommended to choose dual -frequency routers.
    Housing apartment type
    For users with large units, narrow apartment, many rooms, or complex structures, they want to use wireless launch power to achieve the whole house network coverage. I can’t save you. However, a new Mesh distributed router that appeared some time ago has solved the problem of the whole house network coverage of such families, such as the Mesh distributed routing of 360 -360 full -housing routing.

    It is reported that the 360 ​​whole house not only has 4 external independent signal amplifiers, but also the MESH technology used is also called “multi -jump” network. If you want to expand the position of the network, add the avatar routing, so that the signal is like “checked”, jumping and passing between various routers, so as to achieve the purpose of WiFi coverage to achieve unlimited expansion. In addition, the product still supports 2.4G and 5G dual -frequency signals, which can intelligently select the signal frequency band and the best WiFi source of the signal, and perform the “sensory” WIFI switch.

    Not only that, the 360 ​​whole house route is based on the chrysanthemum chain star network network networking technology and self -research algorithm to make the router more intelligent. It will understand the Internet needs and status of mobile phones, computers and other equipment in real time, and allocate the Internet speed of different devices on demand. For example, when users play the game, the 360 ​​full house route will be automatically detected by the game device and allows the device to get more network speed allocation than other Internet devices. Compared with similar products, it is not only more powerful, but also cost -effective. Very high, worth trying.
    The above is the four factors that we brought to you about the effect of determining the routor through the wall. If you are still troubled by choosing a router product, then you may wish to choose from the above points, and the network problem will be easily solved.

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