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How to connect Bluetooth headsets in ASUS laptop

Asked by: Terry Roberts 19 views Computer August 5, 2022

How to connect Bluetooth headsets in ASUS laptop

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    Laptural computer connected Bluetooth headsets as follows:

    Operating equipment: HP laptop
    Operating system: win10
    Operation headset: L6
    1. Enter the system, click Win+I Open Windows settings, and click “Device”.

    2. Enter “Bluetooth and other devices” and click on “Bluetooth”.

    3. If the Bluetooth headset has been connected before, the Bluetooth secondary information will be retained in the audio.Save Bluetooth headset.

    4. If you use unconnected Bluetooth headsets, click “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

    5. Popping up the additional device panel, click “Bluetooth” to start searching the Bluetooth device.

    6. Search your Bluetooth headset and click “Connection” to use the Bluetooth headset.

    Louis Patel- August 5, 2022 |