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The computer screen is always stuck, more than one minute of card

Asked by: Davies 19 views Computer August 11, 2022

For example, I was watching a video, and then suddenly stuck, the mouse could not move, the entire page stopped in front of the card, but the video was still not affected.Methods to play the next video. Sometimes you can press the keyboard to make the video suspend. Sometimes it is not possible. You can continue to play the next video after you finish the card.It was just a second or two seconds in the black screen. I do n’t know what my dad has done it. He feels dazzling. Now he forgot how to operate it back.It affects the experience. I hope to repair or set the previous flash screen, at least better than the card screen.

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    Direct reinstallation or recovery system

    Steven Lloyd- August 12, 2022 |

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    1. The computer configuration is low, the video resolution is too high, the graphics card support is difficult, you can find some low -resolution videos, such as 720p or 720p or This is the case with 480P.

    2. There are problems with hardware, common hard disks have bad sectors or other damage, memory problems.

    3. Software conflict or graphics card driver installation is incorrect.

    Patricia Morris- August 12, 2022 |

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    Try the reinstallation system

    Judith Hunter- August 12, 2022 |

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    Whether a friend will have a computer screen, it is recommended to try to change the screen

    Collins- August 12, 2022 |

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    Suggestion: exclude the network The problem of slow internet speed can give your computer a big cleaning and completely delete the content that is not needed in the computer. Of course, you can also reinstall the system or buy a high -profile computer.

    Louis- August 13, 2022 |

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    Computer Katan crashing method: Method 1: Deston caused by high memory, CPU occupation

    If it is a computer stuck due to high memory, CPU occupation high, then we can use the following method to use the following method solve.

    1. First hold down the three keys of [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] on the keyboard, call out [task manager]

    2. Open it open After the task manager, find the [Performance] in the task manager. After opening the performance window, we can see that there are [CPU usage] and [memory] display in the window;

    3. Then we see which The proportion of one line is relatively high, and then click the [Open Resource Monitor] at the bottom of the window, enter the “Resource Monitor” and select a relatively high line to occupy a high line. The right -click “Ending Process”. Method 2: The stuttering

    hard disk system caused by hard disk problems can also cause computers to die often. The system disk is generally C drive, so if it is a stutter solution caused by hard disk problem

    1. First open [My Computer] is also called [Computer];

    2. Then turn on the computer C drive, right -click to select [Properties], click [Disk Cleaning], the computer will automatically automatically automatically. Calculate space that can be released

    3. Finally, click [Clean up the System File] to find [Windows Update and Clean], [Temporary File], and delete it. : CPU temperature is caused by excessive temperature

    CPU temperature, and the computer will get stuck. This is normal. The CPU overheating will cause the CPU to be unable to play its performance, and the computer program cannot be used normally.

    CPU temperature is too high. The solution is as follows:

    1. Restore the CPU in the overclocking to the original state.

    2. Detect the heat sink fan. If it is damaged, replace it immediately.

    3. Apply the silicone between the CPU and the radiator.

    If the above methods cannot be resolved, try to replace the CPU solution.

    Method 4: Drinking caused by computer hardware

    If it is a computer hardware problem, then there is only one solution, which is replacement. Insufficient memory replace the memory, and the hard disk is insufficient to replace the hard disk. This is a problem that can be solved by spending money.

    Method 5: Forced restarting the computer

    Some crashes are not effective, especially when the keyboard and mouse are all failed In the case, the solution is only forced to restart the computer.

    I hope to help you

    Anthony Marshall- August 14, 2022 |

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    Try not to put the file in the C drive, this will occupy the memory and cause the computer to run slowly.

    Harry White- August 14, 2022 |

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    It is recommended that you modify the resolution first so that you can solve the problem of basic stuttering. I remember that some computers set up 4K high -definition to be prone to stuttering and flash screens (one is because the computer performance is weak, and the other is the other is that the other is the other. The display does not support 4K-)

    Wood- August 14, 2022 |