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How does Excel seek and count the corresponding columns according to the specified information

Asked by: Lillian Shaw 28 views IT August 10, 2022

As shown in the figure below: This is the three employees in the first half of the year. It can be seen that Li 1 participated in sales for 4 months in the first half of the year, with a sales amount of 1.98 million yuan.It is hoped that when the B2 unit is changed to Lee 2, it will automatically calculate that Lee 2 participates in the sales month and amount. How can the B2 and B3 cell enter the function?

1 Answers

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    = Count (OFFSET (D2,1, MATCH (B2, E2: G2), 6))


    = SUM (OKSet (D2,1, MATCH (B2, E2: G2), 6))

    James Taylor- August 11, 2022 |