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The computer always pops up 3 security alerts every day.Google Chrome.

Asked by: Price 51 views Computer August 18, 2022

How to solve it? Win7

addition: The security certificate has expired or has not yet entered into force.

2 Answers

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    I use the rainbow square sugar browser and I have not encountered this situation. If you want to turn it off, you can turn off the pop -up window directly in the settings.

    The specific method steps are as follows:

    1. (I use the rainbow square sugar browser) Open the browser and find the menu bar settings.

    2. Open the settings page and find “Privacy Settings and Security” in advanced choices. Click “Website Settings”

    3. Find the “pop -up window” on the website setting page. Click in and select to close it.

    The above is the method of turning off the pop -up window. The browser I use may be different, but the basic settings should be similar. I hope to help you.

    Patrick Clarke- August 18, 2022 |

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    1. Open the browser, press the “Internet option” under the ALT key, switch to the privacy option in the pop -up “Internet option” window Card, remove the “Establishment Window Blocking Program” and set the selected Internet area to medium.

    2. Switch to the advanced tab, remove the “enable enhancement protection mode”, check “allowing activity content to run in my computer’s files” and “allowed activities from CD to be in me in me Run in the computer. ” Click OK to complete the settings.


    Jason Turner- August 18, 2022 |