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How to change the nickname

Asked by: Matthews 19 views Internet August 18, 2022

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    First log in to the 360 ​​account center, then find the change of the nickname, just enter the new nickname

    Brandon- August 18, 2022 |

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    The modification steps are: Login Blog — → Manage Blog → BLOG Information Settings —— → Personal basic information ——— change the basic information — → fill in the nickname you like — → OK.

    1. The number of words and personal description of QQ space; 1. QQ space name: 16 Chinese characters (that is, 32 characters); 2. QQ space personal description: 40 Chinese characters (that is, 80 characters). Second, the method of modifying the QQ space name. Method 1: Operation on the QQ space homepage; log in to your QQ space, the word “editing” will appear on the name of the QQ space of the mouse. Click the editor to fill in the QQ space name and save it. (If you are a yellow diamond noble user, you can also modify the QQ space name and personal description of the font color) Method 2: Enter the “personal file” operation of QQ space. Log in to your QQ space, click on the personal file on the navigation bar = “Modify your personal information =” Space Information =》 “Fill in the QQ space name and personal description, and finally” save “. Reminder: 1. QQ space name and QQ space nickname can be modified to different names. If the two will not synchronize between the two after the modification; 2. If the QQ space name is not changed in time, it is recommended to log in to your QQ space. Click the “Refresh” button in the “statistics” under the “Personal Data” module on the homepage. (If you hide the “Personal Information” module, it is recommended that you click “Dress Space” = “” addition and deletion module “=” “Personal Data” “Personal Data =” “Save”.

    Open the information, edit information

    Stephanie Murray- August 19, 2022 |