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Huawei’s mobile phone charging has been displayed without electricity, the indicator light has been red, there is no response to the boot, only vibration, what should I do,

Asked by: Ronald Green 15 views Phone & Tablet August 18, 2022

I forgot to turn off the screen last night. The next day I woke up and found that the phone was a bit hot, and there was no electricity. As a result, the charging was rushed for a few hours., No boot display

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    This kind of charger can be changed. You can only go to the store for repairs

    Hughes- August 18, 2022 |

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    Change the battery. This should be the battery.

    Phillip Cooper- August 19, 2022 |

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    > Please use the standard charging to charge the mobile phone. If the mobile phone is connected to the benchmark with the charger, there is no reaction. The status bar and the lock screen interface do not display charging. The mobile phone indicator is not on. Try charging for other mobile phones to charging normally.
    • If the mobile phone is not used for a long time, or if the mobile phone is not charged in time after the low -power is turned off, the battery feedback may occur. It is recommended to connect the charger for more than 30 minutes to see if the phone responds.
    • If the charger can be charged normally, it may be a charger and a data cable failure. It is recommended to carry the unable to charge charger and data cable purchase invoice to the outlet for maintenance.
    • If the mobile phone still has no response after the above operation, it is recommended to bring your mobile phone and purchase invoices to the outlet for maintenance.
    2. There is a reaction for charging, but the battery power does not increase or decreases.
    In most cases, this phenomenon occurs due to the problem of the mobile phone running the program during charging, or the mobile phone system has high power consumption, which causes the charger to enter the input of the charger. The current is not enough to offset the power consumed by the mobile phone itself. Therefore, the charging but the power does not increase, and sometimes the less and less. In addition, this phenomenon may also occur when the mobile phone is connected to the computer or the charger failure, because the output current of the computer USB interface is small and unstable. If the output current is too small, the power consumption of the phone will not increase the power consumption.
    • Please avoid using your mobile phone while charging and observe whether the mobile phone is charging normally when you don’t use your mobile phone.
    • It is recommended to use the standard charger to charge the phone to avoid using the USB interface or small output current equipment to charge the phone.
    • If the standard charger is used to charge in the mobile phone, the power will not increase. It is recommended to shut down the mobile phone first. If the shutdown is normal, it may be the rapid consumption of power caused by the software. It is recommended to upgrade the system to the latest version, uninstall the high power consumption application in the mobile phone, clean up the mobile phone background application before charging, or restore the mobile phone to restore the phone Factory solution.
    • If it is not normal to shut down and charge the charger standard, it may be a charger failure. It is recommended to replace the charger to try.
    After the above operation, if the problem still exists, please backup the data in advance and bring the purchase invoice to the after -sales service point for maintenance.

    The address information query method of Huawei Customer Service Center is as follows:

    1. You can query the nearest service center through your own “service” page in the mobile service app.

    2. You can query the address entrance at the bottom of the Huawei Mall official website.

    3. Pay attention to the “Huawei terminal customer service” public account in WeChat, and you can also check in the service center in the service support.

    Reminder: It is recommended to backup the data in advance, carry warranty vouchers or purchase invoices, and go to the local Huawei after -sales service center for maintenance.

    Edward Jackson- August 19, 2022 |

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    First let the mobile phone rest relieve the battery load consumption?

    Rose Reynolds- August 19, 2022 |