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What are the functions of iWatch

Asked by: Todd Reid 28 views Hardware August 23, 2022

What are the functions of iWatch

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    1. Menstrual records

    This menstrual record function is super easy to use, can record the start time and amount of menstruation, but all need to be manually entered ~

    2. Call/alarm clock clock clockSilent

    Just cover the watch screen with your hand when calling, the phone and watch to the sound sound and vibration disappear ~ The alarm clock is the same, as long as the alarm sounds can be stuck, the sound can be eliminated ~

    3 3. Time to wash your hands

    When you wash your hands, the watch will automatically detect that you are washing your hands, and starting for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds of washing, the word “really great” will appear in the washing ~

    Ashley Cox- August 23, 2022 |