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Why can’t my installation bag be opened?

Asked by: Larry Reynolds 50 views Internet August 27, 2022

I have encountered similar questions before, I hope you can answer it

2 Answers

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    Run CMD as an administrator, run “SFC /Scannow” in the CMD window, wait for the installation.

    Terry Saunders- August 27, 2022 |

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    Change the settings of “Local Group Strategy” to make the program start normally:
    Start-Run (Enter ***. MSC) -KengOpen the “Local Group Strategy Editor” window found: user configuration, and click: the user configuration in front of the small triangle;
    Find in the “user configuration” expansion item: Manage the template, click: the small small in front of the management template to manage the templateTriangle;
    Find in the development item of “Management Template”: the system, and use the left button to click: System;
    Press the slider on the right with the left mouse button to pull down, find the “group strategy” down: Do not run the specified Windows application;
    Double -click with the left mouse button: Do not run the specified Windows application, in the pop -up “Don’t run the specified Windows application” window, click: It has been disabled, and then click:Determine, withdraw from the “local group strategy editor”.

    Keith- August 27, 2022 |