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Seven Rainbow C.H110M-VH Pro, what CPU is better now?

Asked by: Jane 8 views Hardware September 22, 2022

Addition: i3 10105+Seven Rainbow H510+Kingston Harbin Bar 8G*2, what else do you need a host

2 Answers

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    i7 6700k, i5 6600K, i3 6100.
    In addition, the motherboard that is compatible with it is 100 series.

    I suggest you change the motherboard, the 6th generation CPU is too old.

    It is necessary to afford to support the 10th generation CPU H510 with i3-10105-I510400

    H610 that supports 12 generations CPU, with i3-12100 or i5-12400. Currently the latest CPU.

    Question: 3 10105+ Seven Rainbow H510+Kingston Hacker 8G*2, what else do you need a host

    Carolyn King- September 22, 2022 |

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    After brushing BIOS, you can replace it with i5-8400

    Janice Miller- September 23, 2022 |

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