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How can the VBA calculation result be displayed in a function formula and presented in a specified format

Asked by: Craig Rogers 49 views IT September 22, 2022

A total of N worksheets

1. Specify the specified column of each worksheet (E, F, I, J, K, L column),

The total results of the additional results are presented in the [Function Formula] method (for example: = SUM (E2: E6) instead of only values (click to be unable to view the formula).

2. The sum of the total results can be presented in the method of [upper frame and double -lowering lines] and [yellow label].

The result chart is as follows:

1 Answers

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    The number of l columns in the library 2 is added by me, there is no wrong added.

    After running code:

    Harold Ellis- September 22, 2022 |