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Lenovo laptop is unavailable after re -installation

Asked by: Helen Harrison 11 views Computer September 22, 2022

Lenovo laptop is unavailable after re -installation

2 Answers

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    Friends, hello, according to your description, the optical driver cannot be used after the laptop reinstallation system is caused by the setting error. The solution method is:

    Computer “icon.

    2. Right -click a box, click Management.

    3. Find the device manager and click the device manager.

    4. Find the DVD/CD-ROM drive in the right frame.

    5. Double -click the driver device.

    6. Click “Enable Device” and then click Next. At this time, there will be a optical drive icon when you turn on the computer.

    Helen Cox- September 22, 2022 |

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    Try to uninstall the optical drive, and then add the hardware installation, otherwise the CD has been damaged, unable to read, or the light drive.

    Karen Stewart- September 22, 2022 |

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