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Computer power cord

Asked by: Bruce Stevens 19 views Computer September 22, 2022

These power cords on the picture are plugged in?

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    As shown in the figure below, understand at a glance

    Question: PCI-E6+2 What does it mean, can be inserted 2Is a PCI-E device

    Answer: That’s the model (6-line +2 line-off split plug)

    Question: Question 1: The plug will become two PCIs.-E -E?Question 2: How can there be two lines on the top of the picture?

    Answer: 1. There are two 6 -line and 8 lines of the graphics card interface.
    2. The interface conversion line, and extended line, you can choose according to your own needs

    question: Question 1: Is it the current graphics card?IntersectionQuestion 2: What does the upper frame of the picture mean?

    Maria Cook- September 22, 2022 |

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