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I want to replace this Win7 computer with a 64 -bit system, but there is an error. Ask the big guys to help see what it means, and then there is a computer configuration

Asked by: William Morgan 8 views Computer September 23, 2022

AdDition: Systems up and down MSDN

Addition: Which system should be downloaded

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    1, 32 -bit and 64 -bit, this is a different system, not an upgrade, but two lines for different hardware. And their respective software and drivers (drivers are also used in the form of software before Win7, which need to be distinguished version 32/64; after Win8, the UEFI mode is placed in the EFI partition, which is no longer a software in the operating system)

    2. The new system needs to start the disk installation instead of the patch update.

    3. Many optical drives now, so there is a way to start the U virtual optical drive software installation. You need to make a startup disk, or use the DOS version of the ISO mirror software to call the virtual CD -ROM guidance, or use the PE system and then use it with the PE system. Dellery is called and installed.

    4. The user’s documentation in the new installation system needs to be backed up. Operating directly in 32 -bit systems is possible.

    Philip Wilkinson- September 23, 2022 |

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    The method of installing the system is too simple, and the conditions of use are relatively narrow.

    It is recommended to backup important information in advance, and use the system to install software 360 ​​upgrade or other software upgrade systems.

    The best way is to install software through discs and PE systems. Those who are too poor to do need to learn online.

    If you can, please install it for a repair master and spend money.

    Carl Saunders- September 23, 2022 |

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    Friends, hello, according to your description, today I will introduce the specific solution to the version of the computer displaying this file and the incompatible Windows version of the computer.

    1. Open the computer, find “computer” on the desktop, right -click, and select the “Properties” option in the menu.

    2. Under the system options under the “Properties” page, we can see our system type. We show 64 -bit here.

    3. Then find the software we need to install, and confirm whether the downloaded software and computer system match. We need to choose 32 or 64 when downloading. Pass.

    4. Finally select compatibility options on the attribute page, and will run this program in a compatible mode and run as an administrator. It was solved.

    The above is the specific solution to the version of the computer displayed from the running version of the Windows version that is currently running.

    Peter Hunter- September 23, 2022 |

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    Your computer is 32 -bit and can only use 32 -bit mirror. It does not support 64 -bit systems and cannot be converted.

    Wanda Butler- September 23, 2022 |

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