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How to automatically sort in Excel

Asked by: Brenda Baker 32 views IT September 29, 2022

How to automatically sort in execl, as shown in the figure, I use the ROW function to automatically sort it, but as long as the serial number in the subsequent sub -items is added or deleted, it will change.Increasing lines only affect the serial number of the sub -item, which does not affect other sub -item numbers.

2 Answers

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    1. First determine whether a sub -item will exaggerate, that is, the large -scale belonging. If so, it is recommended that you do not use ROW (), or it is better to rebuild the serial number each time., Fill in, then pull down to the end of the current main item

    2. If you do not exaggerate, find the main item (the first line of the serial number 1), assuming A5

    Use the subsequent serial number

    = row ()-row (a5)

    At this time, even if there is a reduction in the front, as long as the A5 content exists,


    ROW () line number detection function, there are parameters, then detect the corresponding position of this parameter, and the number of parameters is detected.)

    Tina Davies- September 29, 2022 |

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    My question is shown in the figure, please answer.

    Bobby- September 29, 2022 |