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The computer automatically shuts down CPU temperature is not high fan rotation

Asked by: Andrea 34 views Computer September 30, 2022

The computer shuts down for a while, and the CPU fan turns.what happened.How to repair

3 Answers

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    Try it according to what I said. 1: On your CPU slot, there are 6-8 capacitors on the left (generally believe that the North {bridge} Xianan Bridge}). If your processor can exceed 100, I promise that they will explode (protruding or cracks), and you can observe it carefully under the desk lamp, whether it has changed! 2: Observe a closer look at a small leg particle similar to diode in the CPU slot. That matter’s temperature device, see if his position is too relying on the CPU. Now the machines have anti -burning and death devices. When the temperature reaches a certain height, it will shut down automatically. 3: Of course, the power supply is also very important. You can try to change the power, but I personally think that he may not be too big! If you don’t, you can consider whether the jump cap of static and hard disk light drives is dropped (you can view the instructions). The motherboard jumper is wrong, reply to the BIOS factory settings. I hope to help you thank you

    Rebecca Robinson- September 30, 2022 |

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    The same situation I encountered is that you may restart and be unable to shut down during the time when you play. Later, you know the power problem. I bought a new one. The CPU temperature is not very high, because the problem (after all, holding the host to repair the restaurant), because it has just started to play. The time is not long, and the heat dissipation silicone is also invalid. There is no way to send the repair shop.

    Michelle Evans- September 30, 2022 |

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    The temperature of the CPU is not high. How is the conclusion? Is the temperature measurement software such as Master Lu displayed? The wind is not hot (there is no heat at all, and the CPU and heat sink contact surfaces are not painted with silicone, or the heat sink falls off).

    Victor Thompson- September 30, 2022 |