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How to use 100G traffic within 4 hours?

Asked by: Kimberly Edwards 38 views Internet October 1, 2022

How to use 100G traffic within 4 hours?

4 Answers

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    Dear!Play games, play movies, share hot spots!

    Jack Lewis- October 1, 2022 |

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    Set your mobile phone into hot spots to download large files online with multiple books

    Matthew Taylor- October 2, 2022 |

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    Share it out, and try to download several large games with your computer.Now large games have reached more than 60G, and you have not had enough traffic in the two games.

    It also depends on your multi -meter speed.

    Ronald- October 3, 2022 |

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    Uh, first of all, your question is very strange, but I can answer you

    I can open many sub -cards, install it on different mobile phones, and then let the mobile phones swipe crazyVideo, or large software or games

    Elizabeth Lewis- October 3, 2022 |