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How to withdraw the emails

Asked by: Stephen Morris 119 views Internet October 2, 2022

How to withdraw the emails

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    Generally, the email can be issued by the other party before the other party can be withdrawn, but it can only be withdrawn by the same email service provider.
    Tool raw material: web version mailbox
    1. Taking QQ mailbox as an example, first open the QQ mailbox web version.

    2. Then open the folder to find the email that needs to be withdrawn.

    3. At the top of the mail, find the “Query Send Status” option and click on it.

    4. Select the email that needs to be withdrawn in the open page to select the withdrawal to complete the withdrawal.

    5. For the exterior and the emails that are not sent to the same mailbox server as their own mailbox server, they do not support the withdrawal.

    Eugene Rose- October 2, 2022 |

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    Covering this needs to be withdrawn under the same mailbox suffix.

    For example, your QQ mailbox is sent to the opponent’s 163 mailbox.

    Only when you send it to the QQ mailbox on the QQ mailbox, and the 163 mailbox is sent to the 163 mailbox.

    Craig Patel- October 2, 2022 |

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    Generally there is a withdrawal function, find a good look

    Carl- October 2, 2022 |