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How to make PPT

Asked by: Jeffrey Butler 23 views IT November 23, 2022

I want to do some PPTs to sell it online. Except for PowerPoint production PPT in Office, is there any other software for automatic production of PPT?Recommended code for good PPT production training courses

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    How to make PPT

    1. Open a blank PPT file.

    2. A qualified PPT requires the font and background of the theme. The design function is very simple to solve the problem.

    3. System slide styles can create new slides faster, and choose the appropriate slide style to make PPT.

    4. Home PPT input title, clarify the topic.

    5. Each new PPT has text prompts. The content is based on text prompts.

    6. Example add pictures and title.

    7. The end of the end must be. Thank you like everyone.

    8. Save the file finally.

    9. Novice PPT production is successful.

    Marilyn Hall- November 24, 2022 |

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    Prepare the material, and then familiarize it. When making PPT, you are familiar with basic operations. You can use various functions. While mastering basic operations, you need to enrich your knowledge about PPT production, and refer to some classic and successful cases. Enrich your creativity and inspiration.
    Clarify the theme. There are themes for making PPTs. Find related templates, comments, articles, videos, music, etc. around this theme, make full preparations. Make the general content framework according to the theme and start editing from the details.
    Find the template. PPT can use ready -made templates, or use software such as PS and other related software to design templates by themselves, or find your own suitable PPT template on the pixel network, and select templates that are suitable for themes to modify and edit. The template should be consistent with the theme content.
    Background insertion. Making PPT not only must be graphic, but sometimes you need to insert video and background music according to the content. This can enrich the content of PPT, enhance the attractiveness of PPT, allow attractive attention and energy, and improve the display effect of PPT.
    rich creativity. Nowadays, the aesthetics of Volkswagen have changed, and the traditional fixed PPT display mode cannot be used. Instead, it should be advanced with the times. It can join the creativity and add things that meet the current trends and high attention, so as to meet the needs of the public.
    Showing form. The form of PPT should be diversified. Do not be too single. The methods of various articles, pictures and other related content should be diversified, creative, and shocking. Beautiful and attractive.

    Gerald Shaw- November 25, 2022 |