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The computer restarts very slowly (normal boot quickly)

Asked by: Charles Murray 18 views Computer November 22, 2022

Hardware: Lenovo Zhaoyang E42

System: Win10

Description: After a battery uses the batteryThe starting system is very fast, enter the desktop 15-20 seconds, the system can be completely stable in less than a minute, and the shutdown is also fast

2. After the rest is restartedThe system average 4 minutes on average, the slowest situation of shutdown in ten minutes+8, 9 minutes into the desktop

3 Answers

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    [Win10 restart slow]

    ① If it is not started quickly:

    1. Press the shortcut “win+r”. Enter “***. MSC” OK

    2. Click “Management Template-System-Shut” in turn, and then double-click “Requirement of Quick Start”

    3. Pumping out In the “Requirement of Quick Start” window, check “Start”, and finally click “OK”

    ② After the update is updated The icon opens the “Control Panel”

    2. In the control panel (the viewing method is small icon). Click “Power Options”

    3. Click “The function of selecting the power button” in the “Power Options” window

    4. Click “Selecting the Function of the Power button” to regret the “System Setting window”. In this window, click “Change the settings that cannot be available before”. “Save changes”

    ③ CPU identification error, not started:

    1. Press the shortcut “Win+R” to open the running window

    2. At this time, enter “MSCONFIG” After that, click “OK” or press the “ENTER” key

    3. At this time, a window called “System Configuration” will be opened. The “loading system service” and “load launch items” below

    4. After clicking “Guide-Advanced Options” in “guiding the high-level option” window check “processor number” “processor number, the number below 4 -core processor, enter “4”), click “

    5. Then enter” 3 “in the” timeout “dialog box, and finally click” OK “.

    Pamela Cooper- November 22, 2022 |

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    The shutdown state starts. Because the system does not clean up the memory, the useless files in the cache are not cleaned up, so the startup speed is fast.

    After the point is restarted, the system should be cleaned to the memory and the useless files in the cache, so the startup speed is slow.

    Nancy- November 22, 2022 |

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    You change the battery

    Joshua Mason- November 22, 2022 |