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Why can’t Huawei’s laptop suddenly not touch the screen?

Asked by: Louis Evans 23 views Computer December 5, 2022

Why can't Huawei's laptop suddenly not touch the screen?

2 Answers

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    The Huawei laptop touch screen suddenly did not come from the reaction. Sometimes it may be that the notebook touchpad driver was damaged or the user accidentally removed it. These may cause the notebook touchpad to not respond. It may be that the button is closed, or it may be closed by the system settings, and the opening board can be settled. The recommended operation is as follows: 1. Click the desktop to start the icon, and find the Windows system in the left list. 2. Open the control panel and select hardware and sound. 3. Click the mouse option to switch to the setting value of the device. 4. Select the locking device, click to enable, and then click OK.

    Cynthia Watson- December 5, 2022 |

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    If you are using Huawei MateBook X Pro, if the touch screen cannot be used, please try it through the following methods:
    1. When turning or restarting, make up for the wind band and simultaneously. The rules first enter the BIOS Setup.
    2. Press the F9 key according to the prompt.
    3. Select “Yes” in the pop -up dialog box.
    4. Press f10 and save exit.
    5. Thebios will be restarted automatically after saving, and the touch screen can be used as B.
    6. If you can’t recover, please back up the data first, and then go to Huawei Customer Service Center to test whether there are other faults in the computer.
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    Nancy Bennett- December 5, 2022 |