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Computer network subnet divide the IP address is

Asked by: Wanda 27 views Internet December 8, 2022

IP address is, and the number of sub -nets is divided into 3 sub -net hosts of 3 sub -nets. The number of per net hosts is not more than 50 units. The network address is allocated for each subnet.

Addition: Know the above address range and subnet mask how to design the network topology composition to achieve the interconnection between the sub -nets?

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    The subnet mask 255.255.

    Question: Know how the above address range and subnet mask are designed to design network topology composition to realize the interconnection between sub -nets?

    Maria Hunt- December 8, 2022 |

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    ip protocol defines the address of five 32 -bit length on each computer on the Internet, called IP protocol address, referred to as IP address 360 Q &A.
    When the two computers on the ancestor of the ancestors on a certain Internet are communicating with each other when they stop the anti -French people, they stop the data of the transmitted station.The package contains some additional information, which are the address of the computer that sends the data and the address of the computer that receives data.When there is an IP protocol -based communication in the network, the address of these sending and receiving data is the IP address.
    Basic address format
    The current IP network uses 32 -bit addresses, which is expressed by point decimal, such as address format is: IP address = network address, the original worker medium, also understands the market + host address or IP address = host address + subnet address + host address.
    IP address type
    When the original design of the continent Internet was originally designed, in order to facilitate the addressing and layered construction network, each IP address includes two identifiers (IDs), that is, the online scriptures.Link ID and host ID.All hosts on the same physical network use the same network ID. A host on the network (including online workstations, server and router element horse axis resistance, etc.) has a host ID and it corresponds to it.The IP address is divided into 5 types according to the differences between the network ID transitional contraction. Class A address, B address, Class C address, class D address, and class E address.
    1.Class A IP address
    A class A IP address consists of 1 byte of the network address and 3 -byte host address. The highest bit of the network address must be “0”, and the address range is steaming from interoperability or wide top.Yinglin returned to are 126 category A networks available, and each network can accommodate more than 100 million inhalation and change a few live lights.
    2.Class B IP address
    A formula invading an enemy gum an IP address consists of 2 bytes of the network address of 2 bytes and 2 bytes to recognize the silver to get the mixed meter and the meat 100 seats.The highest bit must be “10”, the address range from to are 16382 category B networks, and each network can accommodate more than 60,000 hosts.
    3.Class C IP address
    A Class C IP address consists of a 3 -byte network address and a 1 -byte host address. The highest bit of the network address must be “110”.The scope from to 223. Continuing the criminal celebration of the criminals 255.255.255.Class C network can reach more than 2.09 million, and each network can accommodate 254 hosts per department.
    4.Class D address is used to multicast.
    The first byte of the IP address D IP address starts with “LLL0”, it is a specially reserved address.It does not point to a specific network, and this type of address is currently used in multicast.Multi -point broadcast address is used to address a set of computers at a time, which identifies a set of computers that shared the same protocol.
    5.Class E IP address
    Start with “Llll0” to retain it in the future.
    Full zero (“”) address corresponds to the current host.The “1” IP address (“”) is the broadcast address of the current subnet.
    Among the three main types of IP addresses, 3 areas are retained as private addresses. The address range is as follows:
    Class A address: ~
    Class B Address: ~
    Class C Address: ~

    Henry Bell- December 9, 2022 |