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Host power supply two sockets

Asked by: Paul Allen 59 views Hardware July 29, 2018

How to insert the triangle socket, I have not seen it. Just plug in another one to boot?

7 Answers

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    This is an old-fashioned power supply. The red box is plugged into the monitor’s power cord, and the yellow frame is plugged into the host’s power cord. Now the monitor power cords are plugged directly into the power outlet, not the jacks in the red frame.


    Edward Phillips- July 29, 2018 |

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    Hello pro

    1, host power supply  Plug this to power the host The host is running normally

    2, 3 corner socket  can supply power to devices with 3 corner plugs for example: display insert  Table lamp 台扇==

    Answer: Must be plugged in 1 to boot

    Carl Hughes- July 30, 2018 |

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    One is the input power yellow 220 volts AC red is the output 220 volts AC  Power to the display.

    Brenda Ward- July 30, 2018 |

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    Insert a socket and insert two sockets to try it out.

    Michelle Patel- July 30, 2018 |

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    The above recessed  is used to connect the towboard      The triangle is for you to plug in the external

    Susan Lee- July 30, 2018 |

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    Power supply 2 sockets one is input, one is output

    Kevin- July 30, 2018 |

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    One is output, one is input

    Robert King- July 30, 2018 |