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Asked by: Harry 27 views IT December 17, 2022

For example, I have a string of numbers (each number does not exceed 255)

vector number = {9,2,55,66,77,100,200}

Write to D: \ 1

How to write?

If you want to re -get this number of numbers from D: \ 1?

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    C ++ file operation is its foundation from the foundation, and there are many and many methods, such as the underlying I/O: Open/Read/WRITE, C language compatible I/O stream: FOPEN/FREAD/FWRITE, alsoThere is a C ++ I/O stream: FSTREAM, of course, you can also use the system SDK, such as W360 Q &A’s CreateFil with a jumping association to exhibit the fish E/Openfile/Readfile/WritFile, etc.The FSTREAM of C ++ is used for your reference

    (the data in the file is stored in the car, you can also change to a space, etc.)

    Among them D: \ 1 The content of the Chinese file is

    Margaret Davies- December 17, 2022 |