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Win11’s resource manager automatically produces From current toolbar

Asked by: Martin 38 views Software January 15, 2023

Win11's resource manager will automatically appear in the toolbar as shown in the figure after opening. It is very ugly and useless. Is there any way to close it? What causes this problem?

2 Answers

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    You can achieve it through the following steps:

    1. The tea body rivers to the seven lakes to open the resource manager, click “Check 360 Q &A” on the top menu bar;

    2. In the pop -up menu, check the “toolbar”;

    3. The toolbar of the resource manager will automatically appear, and it can be more convenient to wear this division with the same secret.Shuhu file and folder.

    Debra Martin- January 15, 2023 |

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    1. Xianfeng Bo Egg Tai’s nine o’clock answered at the end of nine o’clock. Today, win11 has just appeared, and the village is the most important to make the village bug more

    2. Is this not the standard?Menu Bar?

    3. Are you sure this is the system resource manager?It may not be the “360 Manager”.Is the resource manager not multiple directory sharing windows, whether the right side is like this:

    3 points, there should be a “receiving (recovery) system file management”

    Thomas Davis- January 15, 2023 |