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How to electric From brain -to -head encryption

Asked by: Ryan Watson 26 views Computer January 14, 2023

Confidential computer boot

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    Enter the settings in the lower left corner -enter the account -enter the “login selection of tea and take the tea quilt” -click “Password” to set up a password

    Angela Ward- January 14, 2023 |

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    below is my answer, I hope to have you to youHelp: You can set the password to open the delete when you restart, the more green the delete is set up. The following uses Award BIOS as an example to introduce the specific steps.There are two menus in the CMOS settings: “Dragon Yuting Dyeing Evaluation Set Supervisor Password” and “Set User Password”.This is the “Set Super User Password” and “Set user password” menu.However, you must also set the “SETUP” and “System” options of “Security Option” sub menus in the main menu in the main menu in the main menu in the main menu of “AdvancedNote: The corresponding sub -menu in AMI BIOS is “Password Check”; and Award and Phoneix Bios need to set the “Aministrator Password IS.It will make all password settings effective.Under normal circumstances, the default option on the “Security Option” menu is “Setu painting lake to prevent eating P”.”User Password” menu can set a password at any.Move the cursor to the “Set User Password” and get out of the car, and a dialog box appears. At this time, we can enter any password of one to eight characters (including English, numbers, and empty keys. Pay attention to the difference in English and lowercase).EssenceEnter the same passwords in a row in a row, and then move the cursor to the “Save Exit Setup” and save it. The CMOS password setting will take effect. The next time you enter the CMOS, a dialog box will pop up to ask for the password.First change the options on the “Security Option” menu to “System”, and then set the password with the same method above.After the setting is completed, whether it is the operating system or CMOS after the horse is opened, the grabbing seller sells grains and describes that the path will request the correct password.In general, when we set up one of the two alone, the effect will be the same.But when the two are set at the same time, you will find that if you use the “Set User Password” to enter the CMOS, you can only modify the “Set User Password”;Modify all menus to benefit three -shot options, including “Set User Password”.”The prompt is fine
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    Roy Rogers- January 14, 2023 |