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After the computer is turned on, it has been stuck in this interface

Asked by: Cheryl 178 views Computer January 15, 2023

Non -response of the keyboard

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    The following is my answer. I hope it will help you: As soon as the computer is turned on, the information of the logo screen will be stuck on the motherboard, and it will not be able to enter the motherboard BIOS, but the keyboard can be controlled by pressing the Numlock keyboard, not like a crash.So what should I do if the computer is stuck on the boot screen as soon as it is turned on?Let’s share the reasons and solutions for the computer after the computer is turned on after turning on the computer. Let’s take a look.Computer boot card on the startup logo screen
    Specific reasons and solutions:
    Reason 1. External device
    Solution: Generally speaking, it may be caused by this problem.All the USB devices (such as keyboards, mouses, cameras, USB wireless network cards, etc.), including the key and mouse and mouse of the PS/2 interface, are unplugged. Only the video cable of the display is retained. Let’s start again.Xiaobian has encountered the problem of booting the LOGO screen caused by the problem of the USB wireless network card equipment. There is also a problem caused by the interface of the key and mouse of the PS/2 interface.The problem of the screen, for the PS/2 interface, usually the purple interface is the keyboard and the green interface is the mouse. This is a problem that has encountered, purely experience.PS/2 interface
    Reasons 2. Motherboard BIOS error caused by errors
    Solution: Motherboard BIOS error will also cause the computer to turn on the computer on the start -up logo screen. If you can enter the motherboard BIOS, we will directly initialize the BIOS settings information.Then press F10 to save exit and restart the computer. In the case of unable to enter the motherboard BIOS settings, we can take off the buttons of the motherboard, then put it back in situ. It can also restore the BIOS settings to the default settings to complete the initialized BIOS settings information.Reason three, hard disk or hard disk SATA data cable damage caused
    Solution: Generally speaking, when the computer is turned on, the first is to perform self -inspection. If the computer is on the boot brand screen, there is another situation that the hard disk detection has not passed in the past.We tried the hard disk lines and re -turned on. If the LOGO screen can be turned on, it means that it is a problem caused by the hard disk or hard disk SATA data cable.Reason 4: Motherboard or memory failure
    First of all, we re -insert and pull the memory, it is best to wipe the memory gold finger, and this problem will occur.This problem is more common.In addition, users with multiple memory can use the exclusion method, keep a memory, and try alternately.

    Ronald Butler- January 15, 2023 |

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    Did you get stuck after pressing the Delete key?

    He is entering the BIOS, you need to wait for a while,

    If there is no response for a long time, it should be the motherboard, it should be the motherboardBroken

    If you solve your problem, please adopt it. If you do n’t understand, please ask, I will answer it as quickly as possible!

    Amy- January 15, 2023 |