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Because libgcc _ ***. DLL cannot continue executing code

Asked by: Keith 13 views IT March 16, 2023

LINUX uses the EXE file compiled by i686-W64-Mingw32-G ++ on another Windows computer, prompting that libgcc _ ***. DLL cannot continue executing the code. As a result, the reason for this should be the lack of heads.File (I don't know either), what should I do

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    I hope my answer is helpful to you: After using QT Creator to write the program, build it in Qt Creator, very silky, the EXE file runs directly, and sent the software to others to play. WellIf there is a problem, I can’t run on the computer’s computer. I started to report an error. At this time, I found out that the EXE in my folder could not run an error. It could only run in QT Creator. This is indeed too delayed.
    Error: So try to solve. Various searches on the Internet, add one .dll, reported the missing another .dll, and then found another one to add it, or it was missing, so a bunch of them were added.The mood is extremely complicated …
    I think only the missing files can be added, and maybe the program can run up.
    Later, I tried to modify the environment variables, for example:
    Setting in the advanced system settings-environment variable-Path adds d: \ amwqw \ rfid \ qt \ 5.9.9 \ mingw53_32 \ bin.
    PS: You need to put this to the first place in PATH, otherwise you may make an error.
    This method does solve the problem. It can be run on your own computer, but it still cannot run on other people’s computers. After all, it is not a good strategy!
    1. Use Release to build the code in Qt Creator, do not use debug, and then find the generated EXE file in the release folder, copy this file, paste it into a new folderEssence
    For example:
    2. Find the QT folder in the beginning, open QT 5.9.9 (mingw 5.3.0 32-bit) file
    3. Switch the path to the file you just stored EXE just stored EXEUnder the folder, there is only one EXE file you just put in this folder
    4. Use the command of the WindePloyqt program name to automatically supplement the file that the program is rely ongood.
    For example: WindepLoyqt Jishiqi1.exe
    5. The files rely on the program running are automatically added to the folder that stores the EXE file.At this time, the EXE file can be successfully run!IntersectionIntersection
    6. Of course, if your program contains some external resources such as pictures and videos, then you need to copy it manually into this folder. Otherwise, the running program cannot load external resources such as pictures!
    For example:
    Okay, at this time, you can run successfully. Press this folder to others, or you can run normally.Whether on your own computer or on the computer of others, you can finally let your friends play happily.

    Question: mmm … I am from the Linux system …

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    Answer: HaIntersectionLinux I really can’t.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceWait for me to study

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    Answer: After studying the private message, you

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