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After the formatting of Meizu mobile phones, How to restore the previous photos and other things

Asked by: Russell Ward 17 views Phone & Tablet March 16, 2023

How to restore the previous photos after the formatting of Meizu mobile phones

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    If your Meizu mobile phone is formatted, the data is cleared, and you need to use backup file or data recovery software to try to find the lost photos and other data.
    The following are some useful steps:
    Check whether there are backup files: If you have a backup before formatting, you can use a backup file to restore the data.Meizu mobile phones can use Flyme backup or third -party backup software for backup.When restoring the backup, you can choose to restore all data or only 360 Q &A to restore the data weakness of data, such as photos, contacts or text messages.
    Try to use data recovery software: If there are no backup files, he can try to use the data recovery software to recover photos and other data.There are many data recovery software to choose from, such as Easeus, RECUVA, ***. FONE, etc., these soft systems take it to Jihan to scan your device or storage mediaDivine Mansion’s details.Please note that the use of data recovery software does not guarantee 100%data recovery success. The success rate depends on whether the data is covered and storage medium is state.
    Go to a professional maintenance store: If you do not find the appropriate method to find the lost data, you can try to contact Meizu official or go to a professional mobile phone repair shop for consultation to see if there is a better solution.

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