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How to eliminate the screen of Huawei mobile phone screening

Asked by: Larry 11 views Phone & Tablet March 18, 2023

addition: is when the screen is recording, the screen is automatically turned off after a period of time

2 Answers

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    1. Find and open the settings on Huawei mobile phones.360 Q&A 2. Click the search box in the box to search.3. Search “Display” in the search box. You can also find “Display” directly in the settings.Find dormancy in the display and brightness. After opening 5 clicks, you need to extend the buttons of the Difficulty Father. When the button becomes blue, the phone will not turn off the screen.Time affects the screen time of the screen. If the screen is off when the screen is recorded by the mobile phone, the screen will not be recorded when the screen is extinguished.

    Question: No, the screen will destroy the screen when the screen is recording, and the screen switch is not canceled.Question: There are still any settings

    from Hebei

    Joyce- March 19, 2023 |

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    无法 q q cannot be recorded.

    Question: I just want to solve it. I do n’t watch the phone when I record the screen, but the problem is that the phone must be turned off after 10 minutes. What should I do? Thank you!

    From Hebei

    Brandon Simpson- March 20, 2023 |