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Can you cloned people

Asked by: Mildred Harrison 9 views Internet March 17, 2023

Can you cloned people

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    Humans breeding through clone technology are called cloned people.

    The cloning people are already the dream of Kai Tian is not the dream of science fiction, but the reality of the desire.There are three eyes that running out of the Gemnown foreign organizations officially announced that they will conduct a cloning experiment. Professor Zavos at the University of Kentucky in the United States is working with an Italian expert named Antinoli, and plans to have a person in a clone within two years.Come.Because the cloning people may bring the consequences of re -fingering the foundation, and some countries with developed biotechnology, most of them now adopt an attitude of prohibition or strict restrictions on this.China also explicitly stated that it was opposed to the research of cloning people, and advocated that the cloning technology was distinguished from the cloning technology.Science has always been a double -edged sword.Klong technology may indeed be the same as atomic technology. It can benefit human beings and can also cause endless disaster.But the essence of “technical fear” is the fear of using technology, 360 Q &A instead of the fear of the technology itself.The clone people can only be copied by genetic characteristics.

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