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Help me with a c From PU motherboard set

Asked by: Patricia 22 views Hardware March 17, 2023

Just play against the battle

The power supply graphics card memory is not used, use my own

first talk about the power graphics card memory

S450 rated power 300W maximum power 450W

Memory Kingston DDR3 1600MHz 4G 2

graphics card GTS450 memory type GDDR5 video memory 512m

The picture does not matter.

Addition: CPU motherboard price is around 550. Help me recommend where to buy the pits on the Internet, thank you

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    You talk about your current provincial official configuration, your configuration budget is too low.780g/780V/790GX/890GX) Processor Speed Dragon II X4 640

    From Inner Mongolia

    Answer: Facial first enters the Sichuan poetry CPU and replace it with Yichuan poetry.Dragon X6 1100T North, pay attention to this CPU power consumption of 125W. If it is not enough, change the power supply. It is recommended to use the Great Wall Hope Cloud Children’s Palm 6000DS (rated 500W, Peak 600W)


    Answer: You have a low budget, it is impossible to change the motherboard+CPU, and the old AMD platform upgrade space is not large, so it is recommended that you change the new, the budget is not enough, so it is recommendedChange the new

    from Hubei

    Following the inspection field oil to Gu Jihei: Do not change the new motherboard with a second-hand motherboard plus CPU, mainly CPU in the futureThe one that can be upgraded. It is best to support the M2 solid CPU. It is best to support the i7 or i9 board. See if there is, the price can also add a point

    from Inner Mongolia

    Question: If you don’t, you recommend the motherboard to buy those are good.A GTX6 horned foot led to the foundation single black 50 1G memory, the second is GTX750 2G memory, both of which do not work, I think of changing the motherboard and CPU

    from Inner Mongolia

    Answer: You can not change the CPU+motherboard when your budget is too low, and the platform with 550 changing i7 or i9 is a bit of a dream. You can only change the CPU.(The premise is that the graphics card of this British calendar is sold).If you change to i7 or i9, you must add a budget

    from Hubei

    Question: I have retreated both graphics cards, 15 years to 18 yearsThere is the kind of well-performed motherboard, the type of CPU and radiator, about how much is the price between?My Law Rangers are still looking at the CPU motherboard set for a few days.After buying, I am afraid that I have no upgrade value and I ’m afraid to buy maintenance, so I do n’t dare to buy it. Come and find you to help. You can help recommend a few sexual hot air and dense creation.The motherboard is difficult to pass on the motherboard, the motherboard CPU is best the kind that cannot be eliminated in 3 to 5 years.Size-13 “> From Inner Mongolia

    Question: Before that, the two graphics cards played against the battle against the card, and the cards were killed for a while, so I retreated both, and even both, even both, even both, and even both of them retreated, evenThe GTS450 512 graphics card I use now is not ideal, so I do n’t want to change other accessories now.>

    ANSWER: 5600G+Gigabyte B450 set Purchasing link: https://item.***.com/item.htm? SPM = A230R. &ID = 624515657498 &Abbucock 2
    5600G+Gigabyte B450 set (R5600G core display performance is equivalent to the GTX750Ti of the independent display, so it is enough to play against the battle, and there is no problem with LOL. Be careful not to play chicken.Gen DDR4 2666 8G memory, recommended to use the ADIDA Thousands of Red Series
    , Memory purchase link: https: //detail.***.com/item.htm? Abbucket = 2 &ID = 668083368408 &ns = 1 &skuid = 4857657932764 &SPM = A230R.14.1.710C48OSD3G2,5You can find this, and there are second -hand CPUs without the radiator. AMD radiator purchase link: https://detail. ***.com/item.htm? Abbucket = 2 &ID = 684819105943 &ns = 1 &SPM = A230R.
    Note that this is the ghost radiator, the original radiator of the AMD Ryzen series CPU

    from Hubei

    Question: How can the link be opened

    From Inner Mongolia

    Answer: Copy into the browser

    from Hubei

    > Question: Are you introducing this 5600G+Gigabyte B450 set to whether it is new or second-hand. I saw this set today. The new one is a bit expensive. This set has a second-hand

    From Inner Mongolia

    Answer: This is second-hand. The new price is more expensive than this

    from Hubei

    Question: You can see it on that platform, how can I find this second-glove

    from Inner Mongolia

    Answer: There is any on Taobao.

    From Hubei

    Question: How much is the motherboard and CPU you see on Taobao

    FromInner Mongolia

    Question: I found the set you sent, almost the same as what I saw, the motherboard is new, the CPU is disassembled and removed. The main CPU is a bit expensive, but the competitionA lot of cheaper, it’s all new and more expensive, gone the money of my memory, haha.

    from Inner Mongolia

    Graham- March 17, 2023 |