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How does high -defense CDN prevent network attacks?

Asked by: Harris 17 views Internet March 22, 2023

How does high -defense CDN prevent network attacks?

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    High -defense CDN achieves defense based on the technologies based on 360 Q &A network attack characteristics and rapid response processing, in order to enhance network security and protect customers.Its prevents method is as follows:

    1. Automatic traffic monitoring and discovering network attack signals;

    2. Discovery for network attacks, realize rapid response, and ensure the safe operation of Internet services;

    3. Comprehensive defense technology, such as decreased traffic, defense strategy update, and DDOS trial system, which can effectively prevent network attacks.

    As shown in the Chinese station, we can resist the more electricity of the pink station water to find some hosts or servers that provide CDN and provide other performance improvement services, and have basic information about the brand’s basic information.A preliminary understanding.

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    How does high defense CDN prevent network attacks?

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