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Nvidia g Where Eforce RTX 307 From 0 laptop GPU cannot install the official driver?

Asked by: Daniel Khan 12 views Hardware March 28, 2023

The assembly machine bought online, the graphics card cannot be installed with an official driver, and can only install the driver provided by the merchant (the graphics card is directly installed, no box, no logo, no SN code).-------------------------------------------------------------


Graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA

Video 8 gb

chip chipManufacturer NVIDIA

Independent graphics card is

Vedic frequency 1750MHz

Core frequency 1110MHz

OOST frequency 1560 MHz

[Driver Information] ------------------------------------------------GPU

Drive version

Date 3-17-2022

[Advanced Information] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------256 BIT

Disapture bandwidth 448 GB/S

Number of renderers 5120

Release date Jan 12, 2021

Core codeGA104

Production process 8 nm

chip area 392 mm²

Search tube number 17400

2 Answers

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    Will it be a fake card?

    Maybe it is the graphics card that recycled the waste card to re -assembles the component.

    Martin Ross- March 28, 2023 |

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    You 360 Q &A Test the graphics card with CPU-Z

    Edward Hunter- March 29, 2023 |