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When talking with people, do you take your mobile phone out and see, is it not polite?

Asked by: Collins 22 views Phone & Tablet March 28, 2023

When talking with people, do you take your mobile phone out and see, is it not polite?

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    Can’t generalize.Different cases should be different:

    1) Talking with people, mobile batch packages such as mobile phone ringtones make it sound, and take a mobile phone out to see who calls the phone.If you have to answer the phone, you can say “I’m sorry, I will answer the phone.”This situation is common in life and is not polite.

    2) Talking with people is from, the ringtone of the mobile phone sounds, 360 Q &A came out to see who came from, and it felt that there was no need to answer, so I cut off the phone.This situation is also common in life, and it is not polite.

    3) Talking with people, there is no bell on the phone, so I take out my mobile phone and look at it.This situation is not just impolite, but the most indifferent wheel or glue. It is the most indifferent and despise each other. There is no one without painting without painting.

    Basic etiquette talked about: concentrate, pay attention to each other.

    For reference only for energy supply.

    Chapman- March 28, 2023 |

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    This gathering of crackedness is a common thing.

    Jack- March 28, 2023 |

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    It should be said that this is the question of whether the chickens are close or solved.Emergency move.

    Jimmy Davies- March 28, 2023 |

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    <<德 德 德 should be a matter of view. If the phone rangs when talking, you can talk politely and answer the phone.Or, take a look and turn it off.While talking to others, watching the mobile phone, and the feeling of absent -mindedness to the other party, it is indeed a manifestation of hydrogen.

    Antonio- March 28, 2023 |