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Is it illegal to touch my mobile phone for me?

Asked by: Robert Walker 15 views Phone & Tablet March 29, 2023

Is it illegal to touch my mobile phone for me?

4 Answers

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    I hope my answer is helpful to you: This will be analyzed according to the love of green and love.But it will be punished accordingly.The “Penalty Management Penalty Law” stipulates that voyeur, sneak shot, eavesdropping, and spread the privacy of others, and detained for less than five days or a fine of less than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively heavy, they will be detained for more than five days and less than ten days.The ancestral sulfur -sulfur places are afraid of fines.

    Ellis- March 29, 2023 |

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    This is a civil dispute, not a criminal

    Frank Brown- March 30, 2023 |

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    Many situations are not counted.However, sometimes it may be illegal, and it may be serious about how to move the night leave of the crime.

    Susan- March 30, 2023 |

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    Not so strictly changing the tea to re -touch the mobile phone so that the law will not violate the law.

    Gary- March 30, 2023 |