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Computer brand selection

Asked by: Benjamin Parker 7 views Computer May 24, 2023

Lenovo ASUS HP Dell Dell recommends which desktop machine

Addition: Speed and office document processing audio and video format conversion.

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    I don’t recommend which brand.It is freely matched according to demand.

    For graphics cards, large -scale flying cars require independent graphics cards.The better the graphics card, the clearer the quality.

    Just the office and the graphics card are available, and the rendering map is best to have an independent graphics card.

    13600KF 1759

    ASUS Z790-P D5 1699

    Limin 360 water cooling 359

    Zhichen memory 16gx2-6000 899

    Solid SN850X1-1TB 650

    Seven Rainbow RTX4070 4699

    Great Wall 850W ATX3.0 699

    Patriot case 29 from Shao Yi 9

    About 1W1

    Question: Okay, thank you

    from Hebei

    Amanda Simpson- May 24, 2023 |

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    Recommend your own assembly, the brand machine rises 360 Q &A space is too small

    Norma Baker- May 24, 2023 |

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    Asus I have been using, others have never been used

    Martin- May 24, 2023 |

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