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The value of the excel table (with formula) is less than from .

Asked by: Paul 8 views Software May 26, 2023

In terms of condition format, there is a series of formulas, and he does not change color.How can he make him color

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    Set: One column (with formulas) is a column A, and it is good to close the cost of the goods and the goods.as the picture shows.

    So, the operation steps are as follows:

    (1) Select column A -Start -Style -Condition Format—— New rules -Using the formula to determine the cells to be set

    —— Formula = A1

    Format -Fill -Red Ring Table Coloring -OK



    Lillian Evans- May 26, 2023 |

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    In the condition formatThe unit grid rules “->” Small than “select this, and then fill in the number of tests you want to test.”Deep red text”, here can also be changed, depending on your magnetic segments to lead the black specialty history of black specialty to make preferences.
    I want to upload a picture for you to see more intuitive, but I always prompted to upload failure when I found that uploading.Prompt that upload failed.I have to express it in text, I hope you can understand it.

    Hunt- May 26, 2023 |

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