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Apple notebook installed WIN7 out of the question, ask for help.

Asked by: Gary Ward 235 views Computer July 27, 2018

I told you to download the WIN7 official website ISO, install my Apple notebook, after the installation is complete, it shows that it failed to start, please help God.

3 Answers

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    Which version of AIR? What processor? Apple notebooks with Intel’s fifth-generation processor after the notebook, can not be installed WIN7. Prepare a blank 8G U disk, copy the ISO into the Apple system, then go to Apple’s official website to download the corresponding version of BOOTCAMP, then use the bootcamp in the Apple system. You have to install it in two steps, first make a U disk. Then use the downloaded bootcamp to overwrite the U disk and install it.

    This is a detailed tutorial on Apple’s official website.

    Clark- July 27, 2018 |

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    Install win10 directly. Win7 can’t be installed.

    Jerry Clark- July 27, 2018 |

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    F8 It is okay to disable the signature driver.

    Question: No, direct blue screen, then reboot back to the original

    Deborah Lee- July 27, 2018 |