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OPPOR11 mobile phone pattern

Asked by: Christine Jackson 227 views Phone & Tablet July 29, 2018

OPPOR11 mobile phone pattern

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     OPPOR11 Set the pattern password as follows: Settings – Fingerprint and Password – Change Password – Other encryption methods, settings can be.

    1. Open the main menu of the mobile phone, find the [Settings] column, click to open; OPPO mobile phone how to set the screen lock screen style and then in the [Display] column, you can see [wallpaper and lock screen style 】Click, open;

    2. Then you can see the [Lock Screen Style] column under [Set Lock Screen] on the page, click to open Make settings.

    3. Go back to the [General] screen in the Settings homepage, and then click [Security Services] under the [Accounts &Security] column

    4. Then set in the [Screen Security] column, first set the [Screen Lock] style, click to open it, and then you can set the style of the lock screen.


    1. After setting, please turn [Display Pattern] on, then set [Auto Lock] Time interval.

    2. The security of portrait lock is not high, because the sensitivity is not strong, so it is not guaranteed to be safe. It is recommended that you do not choose this.

    Patricia Morris- July 29, 2018 |